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The Maverick PH


 The Maverick PH 
Maker: Brian Gabriel Corella 
Foundation Year: 2015
Product: Hair pomade and other men's lifestyle products

The Maverick PH made a name for itself by selling artisanal hair pomade for men made from locally sourced materials and self-brewed by the founder himself, entrepreneur Brian Corella. Brian draws inspiration for his pomade variants from local Filipino customs and locally-produced products. The same goes for this packaging design and variant names. He takes care to keep his production process ethical and sustainable. 

The brand is expanding to produce other men's lifestyle products such as leather key holders, bum bags, shirts and jackets. 

Brian is part owner of a barbershop right at the HUB, where his Maverick products are featured. He sells on-line and also supplies medium and high-end barbershops around Metro Manila. 

The Maverick PH started in a small kitchen in Manila's densest district in 2015. Making small batches of pomade for personal and family use at first, it eventually reached a few friends and pushed the Brian to make it into a full-fledged business. Soon after, the brand was launched and has since been one of the premiere provider of quality pomades in the Philippines.

On-line presence
The Maverick PH website
The Maverick PH on Facebook

Articles, interviews, etc.
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