Living and Working in Germany

Living and Working in Germany © Goethe-Institut Philippinen

The project “Pre-Integration in the Regions of South-East Asia and South-East Europe” provides a platform with which the Goethe-Institut can inform migrants in advance of the challenges they will face when relocating, whether from Belgrade to Berlin or Manila to Buxtehude.

Advice on Integration in Germany

AMIF-Manila © Goethe-Institut Philippinen

Juan, 2, 3, biyaheng Germany!

The Goethe Institut offers you comprehensive preparation. In addition to learning the German language, we will introduce you to the country and its people - we train you for life in Germany. We would be happy to discuss your ideas about Germany and life in Germany. We offer advice, classes, and solid preparation so you can successfully integrate into Germany society.

We are here to advise you!

The Goethe-Institut offers:

  • advice on how to get settled in Germany
  • cultural preparation and
  • intercultural training
  • introductory publications with visuals and text
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Vlog Series

Publication in Cultural Studies and Intercultural Communication

Juan, 2, 3, biyaheng Germany! © Goethe-Institut Philippinen
Juan01 Guide to Germany Booklet © Goethe-Institut Philippinen

Juan01 Guide to Germany

“JUAN01 Guide to Germany” will help you prepare Filipinos for their first days in Germany. The guide will help Filipinos to be oriented for your future living environment in Germany to make integration easier. Here you will find the book in English.

Juan01 Guide to Germany

Booklet for Nurses © Goethe-Institut Philippinen


Issued by the Goethe Institute, the booklet is a linguistic introduction to German hospital life for healthcare professionals and nurses that provides answers to commonly asked questions. 
Here you will find the book in German language.

A Guide for Nursing Professionals (German)
A little help for everyday hospital life in Germany (German)

Mein Deutschlandheft © Goethe-Institut Philippinen

My Germany Booklet

This guide takes up the content of the web portal and helps new immigrants prepare for their first time in Germany while they are still in their home country. Here they get general information and tips on where they can do further research. They also find useful words and phrases for their everyday life in Germany. The booklet can also be easily integrated into the classroom. 

My Germany Booklet (German)

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