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    Hi Jenny! What’s up? How are you doing?
    But that is a “good” weird feeling, isn’t it?
    Well, you will also take your job with you, so to speak. ☺
    Triple what?
    But I thought there are so many agencies that can assure to you that they will help in looking for a work place in Germany.
    Oh yes! That is interesting! How did you know that my situation is different? I followed my great love here to Germany. ☺
    After everything has officially cleared and also had my job permit, I went to the employment office. From there, I received so many help.

    Of course all my certificates and documents were already translated and authenticated back then.
    Yes, that is very important. That an official entity or authority, like an attorney for example validates whether your documents are original and then once verified, will do the authentication. This can be done and prepared while you’re still in the Philippines.
    There is a little obstacle. I needed to check how to have my degree, which I completed in UP, recognized, It is important because the training system in Germany is different from the system in the Philippines. If you would like to be a nurse, you cannot take it in a university, but rather you need to undergo training.
    In the Philippines, the training or apprenticeship program takes only several weeks or months. It is totally different in Germany. Many young people undergo training which lasts for an average 3 years. You will work in a company as well as go to school to supplement the theoretical course of your chosen career. During this time, you will also be paid. In the university, their focus is on the course and also seminars. Even then, there are many paths. Here, you can click this link for further details
    Aha, so you want to know it in detail ☺ Check the internet. Well, you can simply check this link to know the process. All the information is stated in that link.

      Never say never! ;) Do you already know how that would work?
      It is important in any case that you can speak German very well, especially when you want to study here. You must first prove your language proficiency through an exam, such as TestDAF or DSH, the German Language examinations for university admissions. In addition to that, you would be required to have the university entrance certificate. And for every field of study, there are probably additional requirements. If you are really interested, you can look it up on the internet for detailed information or visit sites like for example.
      Hahahaha! You dream too much! ☺
        Working Part-Time

        Yeah! I know of couple of mothers who works part-time, so not really the entire day. They still have the time then to take care of their family. Sometimes, the father stays at home. Or you can also choose to do some mini-job. In case you’re studying, you could also work in your university as a working student.
        There is an Internet site, which had really helped me back then and has so many helpful tips about working in Germany. Check this site out: /lrn/prj/wnd/idl/arb/deindex.htm or this:

        You see, there are so many possibilities and you must never choose between family or career. You can have the best of both worlds! ☺
        That sounds really nice! Have fun and keep on dreaming! ☺