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Sustainable Together
Urban Farming

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The third and final edition of 2020 of the Sustainable Together talk series took a closer look at the topics of food sovereignty and food security.

54 percent of South Africans are hungry or at risk of hunger. Hunger is a violation of human rights and has an impact on health, education and not least dignity. Urban farming initiatives make a big difference in providing families with fresh produce and the skills to continue growing their own food. Yet, they cannot solve everything. 

The panellists speak about the concepts of food sovereignty and security and present (urban) farming initiatives and the role they play for civil society.

A conversation between Dr. Brittany Kesselman (researcher, Wits University), Moleboge Lekwane (Tshadilema), Dorah Marema (Ubuntu project / Seed Community) and Tshidi Molebatsi (Tshadilema). Moderated by Kate Gardner (British Council / REEL Gardening).