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Online Courses

A young lady is working on her laptop. On the table are books, a cell phone and study notes. In the background, bookshelves, a couch and other blurred furniture.
  • Live sessions with your teacher
  • Learning in the comfort of your home
  • Interactive group exercises

Learn German with us - online! Individualized support from your teacher, professionally developed materials designed to accelerate learning.
Learn - with live sessions - in the comfort of your home or at a location of your choice!

Our Course Formats

Young man sitting at a desk, typing on a laptop.

Online Intensive Course A1-A2

  • Level A1-A2
  • A1= 120 Units, A2= 132 Units
  • 12 weeks

A young woman looking at a tablet, smiling.

Online-Intensivkurs B1-B2

  • Level B1- B2
  • B1= 144 Units, B2= 150 Units
  • 10 weeks

Additional course offers online

Placement Test

Test your german
Are you taking one of our German courses for the first time? The placement test enables us to find out what previous knowledge you have, define a learning objective and help you select an appropriate course.