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Sustainable Together
Precious Waste

Precious Waste
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In this conversation, we learned more about building an inclusive circular economy, how Covid-19 has affected reclaimers and their business and how each and every one of us can support it.

This conversation addresses an inclusive circular economy and how civil society can support reclaimers.

In Johannesburg, thousands of people sort and re-sell recyclables on a daily basis. Thanks to these reclaimers, who collect almost 90% of these materials, South Africa achieves a higher recycling rate than many European countries. However, despite these impressive numbers, municipalities and policy-makers often overlook this sector.

A conversation between Dr Melanie Samson (Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Wits University) and Luyanda Hlatshwayo (African Reclaimers Organisation). Moderated by Dr Tanya Zack (Writer, Researcher, Policy Developer).