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Sustainable together
Regional project in Kigali

While governments and corporations around the world are more readily acknowledging the worsening implications of climate change, the impacts of the ongoing climate crisis are not being addressed with the urgency needed. We want to encourage positive behavior change in favor of climate consciousness through the power of street art, based on the idea that we can’t afford to postpone what needs to be done right away. Through a series of informative discussions with youth climate activists, we will identify key behavior change concepts that youth can enact in their day-to-day lives to change how we treat our planet, with the reality that it is imperative to act on these changes now.

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga is a Rwandese social-enterprise using street-arts and art-actions to engage civil society in creating positive social change. "By taking art out of the gallery and into the streets, we promote creativity and community through color and collaboration. We strive to broaden the idea of what and where art is, and who it is for, with an aim of contributing to Rwanda’s expanding creative economy."

The project will begin with asking local youth-led conservation groups to give us their recommendations and messages, on key conservation actions and climate-conscious efforts that can be made at the individual and community level. With this information, Kurema artists will create a series of small vignettes of individual actions / behavior changes to inspire young people. The imagery will showcase different conservation goals and key actions individuals can commit to take, such as creating awareness about protection of animals, celebrating the importance of indigenous plants in Rwanda, and or water conservation strategies. In addition to the painted vignettes, we will include a participatory section of the mural that sets a space for visitors to take selfies and then answer the following questions:

  • What are your conservation goals?
  • What actions can you commit to today?
  • What will you commit to do to fight the climate crisis in your lifetime?
We expect that the artworks created through these activities will lead to continued growth for the emerging street-art scene in Rwanda while pushing for greater climate consciousness and positive behavior changes amongst Rwandan youth.