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Cultural Promotion

Here we announce open calls for programs such as workshops, residencies and study trips, which are initiated by the Goethe-Institut.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Feminisms and Sustainability

The House of African Feminisms (HoAF) invites African artists, collectives and creative practitioners to create digital creative projects that can be displayed on the HoAF website. The House of African Feminisms is a networking and resource platform for African feminists initiated by Goethe-Institut network in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This call for proposals is called “Feminisms and Sustainability” – focusing on how feminist movements can contribute to more sustainability in various areas of our societies. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, this call hopes to answer what sustainability within the SDGs can mean from an African feminist perspective.

For this grant the term sustainability is used broadly beyond the traditional environmental usage of the word. Sustainability is more than just an environmental term but rather viewed as a wider concept that works towards a gender sensitive definition and includes an analysis of patriarchy, women’s oppression, and gender inequality. The House of African Feminisms is also interested in projects that investigate the sustainability of the African feminist movement as a whole and its contribution to our societies.
The HoAF is looking for written works, photographic essays, reportages, short films, video works, visual or audio documentaries and podcasts that question/engage sustainability in an African feminist context. The projects will be funded up to EUR 1000.

1. Your concept / project description and used media (max 2 pages or a video teaser of no more than 2 minutes)
2. Biography or CV
3. Budget plan (inclusive of all expenses)
5. Any three links to your work or portfolio you think are relevant to this application.

Project Expectations:
Provide PR material for the project communication.
Submission of final project, including complete narrative and financial reports by 25th January 2022.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 20th November 2022, 5PM (South African time)
Late submissions will not be considered.
Submission of all documents to: hoaf@goethe.de with the subject line “HoAF Sustainability Grant”.

About House Of African Feminisms:
The House of African Feminisms (HoAF) is a platform for feminist discourse, resource and enlightenment. The project aims at highlighting the works of various African feminist scholars, artists and thinkers around the world as well as providing a resource on African feminisms.  It is anchored on a strong concept/idea of cultural exchange, networking and inclusivity.  
HoAF identifies that African feminisms have not received as much widespread coverage as other forms of feminism despite the fact that it has played an integral part in various spheres on the continent to push for change politically, socially, culturally and environmentally. The platform is aimed at providing a space for different feminist actors in their respective fields as well as to support them to build important linkages among themselves as well as with the necessary institutions. It also aims at providing information for the everyday person who is curious about African feminisms and wants to learn more. The project defines feminism not only as a conscious intellectual and activist movement, but as the daily lived experience of women* (including queer/trans*) even those who don’t refer to themselves as “feminist”.