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Residency - Digital arts and environment

Artwork Sarah Wenzinger und Alla Popp
Alla Popp/Sarah Wenzinger

The two artists Sarah Wenzinger und Alla popp have been invited by Goethe Institut Kigali in cooperation with Rwanda Arts Initiative to stay in Kigali for an artist residency of two months.

Relocating narratives is a digital performance project in the Urban Space of Kigali. Digital media and performance artists Alla Popp and theater director Sarah Wenzinger are invited to the Goethe Institut Kigali as part of a residency under the themes digital and environment and will work closely together with the Rwanda art center. Rewriting and relocating is a way of reassembling the narratives of the past, which form our visions about the future. Western narratives tend to reproduce systems of ideas without subjecting them to fact-checking or real exchange. Under the theme complex of digital and environmental, the planned work focuses on collective research rather than finalized answers.

Sarah Wenzinger is a project director from Berlin. She studied theater directing the HFS Ernst Busch and conceives performances and participative cooperation projects with contemporary art Institutions and research-based works. In her work, she explores immersive forms between performance, ritual, politics, and discourse at the intersections and blanks of the working systems. She realizes interdisciplinary projects in different contexts of the Berlin Biennial to collective DIY festivals and conceives participatory mediation formats. She was a one-year scholarship holder of a Program of the European Creative Network for Culture in five European cities and is jury member of a Foundation for gentrification-critical artistic interventions in public space. Alla Popp is a digital media and performance artist with a background in state administration and Master of Science degree in political management. Born in Russia, she studied digital art and media at the University of Art and Design Offenbach. Her work is mainly focused on the emancipatory potential of the digital technology for the future of humanity at large. She is interested in promoting awareness about its conscious utilisation and probable consequences of the contrary. Through experimental electronic music, spoken word and immersive setups, she seeks ambivalent situations taking place at the interface of the human and the inhuman existence and speculates on various states of mind, relationships and self-perception, altered by socially and emotion-ally intelligent digital technologies.