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"The Tale of Salima"

An animated short movie by Amuri Patel

Poster for "The Tale of Salima" © Goethe-Institut Kigali

"When the world beats you down, find a reason to get back up again."

Amuri Patel's animated film "The Tale of Salima" tells the story of Salima Mukansanga, the first female Rwandan football referee. It shows the obstacles she faced in her career and demonstrates that perseverance can pay off. Salima's story, which is characterised by determination and discipline, serves as an inspiration for many young people. This short film aims to motivate people to pursue their own dreams and we are delighted to present it to our international audience.

Amuri Patel is a content creator, animator and illustrator from Rwanda. He is one of the grantees from our “Open Call for artistic projects” 2023 and worked eagerly on this animated short movie. As a freelancing graphic designer, he has worked with multiple partners such as the Rwandan National Police or the GIZ. He is also well known for his Youtube channel “Ihuro” where he publishes children’s songs – also in Kinyarwanda. His goal is to spread knowledge through animated content and curate spaces where learning is fun.

Amuri's Youtube channel "Ihuro"