Dates and Enrolment

Goethe-Institut German exams registration Photo: Goethe-Institut/Bettina Siegwart


Information about the examinations and the certificates in November 2019

Current examinations

7 - 10 January 2020                     Registration period for exams
                                                   *(After this date nobody can be

13 January 2020                         Term Begin

16 - 20 March 2020                     Registration for Examination

23 - 28 March 2020                     Examination Training

30 March - 4 April 2020               Exams
1.                     A passport photo of yourself (like the one for Schengen visa application)
2.                     A Bank slip from the I&M Bank
3.                     An original Identity Card or Passport.
4.                     A photocopy of Identity card or Passport.

At the end of each course the participants can take an exam to get a certificate. Please register for the exam at the language office.

We have 3 Terms of our courses which start in January, May and September.
  • 13.01.2020
  • 04.05.2020
  • 07.09.2020
Fees for exams

For intern: 120.000 RWF
For external: 200.000 RWF

Repeat a module: 60.000RWF

The spaces for external candidates are limited.
For A1: 10 spaces
For A2: 5 spaces

We recommand therefore to come as early as possible for registration in registration period.
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
(except during the enrolment procedures which start the indicated date at 9 AM)