Workshop Wikimedia Movement and writing for Wikipedia

The global network Wikipedia offers the possibility to make knowledge accessible for everyone. The Wikimedia movement, or simply Wikimedia, is the global community of contributors to Wikimedia Foundation projects. The movement was created around Wikipedia's community, and has since expanded to the other Wikimedia projects, including the commons projects Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, and volunteer software developers contributing to MediaWiki.
Dr. Rudolf Simon, a German Wikipedian, author and mentor, will give an insight to Wikipedia and will offer live editing training. During the workshop you will get information on how Wikipedia works and practical tips on how to write for the platform:
The global Wikimedia Movement striving for a better world
"Wiki loves Women" – a special focus
The English, Kinyarwanda and German Wikipedia
Rwandapedia and Wikipedia – a comparison
How to write for Wikipedia – an Introduction
Register your account and write your first article in Wikipedia
Collaboration within Rwanda and with the global community
Discussion – What is your opinion, what could be your contribution?Please bring your Laptop or device if possible – internet connection is available.
You can register for the workshop by sending an Email to until Wednesday, 16th.