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A coaching program
Self-Leadership and Creativity for Arts

For Women in Arts and Creativity

The Goethe-Institut funds and offers “A Self-Leadership and Creativity for the Arts” training program for emerging women artists.

Living and working as an artist, and successfully proving oneself in the local and international art arena is not only enough to improve one’s artistic qualifications and techniques, but also to find one’s own path and walk with confidence, affirming oneself and one’s art.

This coaching program is designed to empower emerging female artists with life skills, inspiring them to present themselves and their work positively and with great confidence, and succeed in their artistic pursuits.

  • Unleash Your creative potential: discovering your artistic identity.
  • Invest in Your Art: leveraging your resources for success.
  • Make the change: mastering change and driving results.
  • Achieve balance and harmony: integrating emotion and reason in your artistic pursuits.
  • Assertiveness: building successful and fruitful relationships
  • Mastering the art of communication: improving body language and listening skills
  • Crafting your professional image: making an impact with your art.
  • Unveiling your identity: aligning personal values with artistic expression.
  • The power of purpose: setting meaningful personal and artistic goals.
  • The art of success: identifying the key elements to achieve your dreams.
  • Embracing failure: learning from setbacks and building resilience.


Emerging female artists and curators of all artistic disciplines who have professional experience of at least 3 years in the art field.


Date Time, Location 
Saturday, 10.06.2023 9.30 h till 15.00 h, Goethe-Institut / German Cultural Institute

Ash Shaikh Mohammed ibn Salih Al Uthayamin Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Riad 
Saturday 17.06.2023 9.30 h till 15.00 h, Goethe-Institut / German Cultural Institute

Ash Shaikh Mohammed ibn Salih Al Uthayamin Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Riad 

Application requiremen:
  • Contact details for the applicant (email and mobile number)
  • Explanation of the following (in no more than two lines per point):
  1. A description of your experience in art
  2. What are your motives for joining this program?
  • The selection of participants depends on their motivations.
● Fees:
  • The program is funded by Goethe-Institut, so participation is free for accepted applicants only
Please submit your application here: 


Training & Development Consultant | Life Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Faten has designed and delivered in the past 20 years training and development programs to more than 10,000 participants. She has also accredited more than 150 trainers across the Arab world, the UK and Canada

She has rich work experience in the field of community development, as she is:
· Former regional project manager for the Arab Gulf Region at the British Council.
· Lead trainer accredited by the British Council, Springboard Consultancy and Youth Sport Trust
· Certified life coach
· Former member of the Board of Directors of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi, and Chair of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee responsible for the management and development of human resources in the bank.


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