Request to deliver price offer to the project "Riad 4.0"

Request to deliver price offer to the project "Riad 4.0"

Following the founding of the Goethe-Institut in Saudi Arabia in 2014 and the many cultural and economic changes undergoing Saudi Arabia in the past years, the institute has evaluated its current business plans and the current building in which the institute is renting isn’t fulfilling the requirements of an agile, flexible and economic working environment and causing the institute to carry many financial burdens due to the contractual conflict.

The task at hand:The task at hand:

Step 1: Conduct general research and a mapping study acquiring different parameters in the real estate market in Riyadh. The research should take into consideration the needs of the institute and the guidelines of the object neutral economical study (ger.: Objektneutrale Wirtschaftsuntersuchung). The guidelines include the following parameters: 
a. Property of rent: Deliver data concerning average rental and establishment costs currently in Riyadh in the following neighborhoods:
i. Dirriyah (Priority area)
ii. Hittin
iii. Ar Rabih
iv. Al Aquiq
v. Al Mohammadiyyah
vi. Al Murabba
b. Property for sale (Areas as stated in a.i-vi).: Deliver data concerning the average purchase and additional costs of property in Riyadh.
c. Purchase and build (Areas as stated in a.i-vi).: Deliver data concerning all costs relevant to buying a plot of land and building a property for the institute.

The research should take into consideration the average data of buildings that fit the profile of the institute:
- The Profile of the ideal premises would be a separate building (villa, school or office building) with ground-floor access, parking for employees and students, and private outdoor space suitable for events, in an accessible and safe location, but with visibility to customers and the public. The building should have all the licenses as an office building. Obtaining an operating permit for education purposes should be possible.
Use  Size in m2
Offices (in open and closed spaces) 191
Classrooms 183
Multifunction area 135
Utilities and circulation 516
Total area

Deadline for the Step one 25.06.2022

Step 2: Taking the research done before into consideration, you then actively look for buildings suiting the profile of the institute and feasible for rent. The specifications of the building are available in the document “Check-list building for the Goethe-Institut”. Please make sure to fill out the checklist for all objects you believe are suitable for the institute.

Step 3: A shortlist of 3-4 suitable premises to be presented to the Goethe-Institut by 3.07.2022.

Step 4
: The Goethe-Institut and you will visit the possible objects from the shortlist and decide which one is the most suitable. The premises should be possible to move in by December 2023.

For the check-lists and further documents, please contact Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska, director of the Goethe-Institut Saudi-Arabia at

Files to download: 
WiU 1 - DATA ENTRY SHEET Object-neutral economic feasibility study
2022-05-29 GI Riad_NU Anforderungsprofil

Please send your price offers by June, 7th.2022.

Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska
Goethe-Institut Saudi Arabia