House Rules

  1. Everyone must register at the entrance or at the reception.
  2. Parking of motorised vehicles is only allowed in the designated parking spaces. Cars and motorbikes may not be washed on the property, nor may oil changes and repairs be carried out. As a matter of principle, walking speed must be observed on the premises.
  3. Entrances, staircases and corridors are to be kept clear as escape routes.
  4. In the event of an emergency, the instructions of the staff must be followed.
  5. The safety of fellow employees, visitors and clients shall not be endangered, do not bring harmful tools such as knives etc.
  6. The institute's premises should not be used during public holiday nor holiday break if not authorized by the administration. The institute's official holidays can be found on the notice boards or at the administrator's office.
  7. The institutes' properties and appliances shall not be used for private purposes e. g private parties, meetings or business grounds without seeking permission from the administration.
  8. The teacher's room is strictly for teachers only, No course attendant is allowed to enter.
  9. No use of mobile phones in class. All phones should be silenced.
  10. Do not open windows while AC is on.
  11. Do not write on the tables, stick gums under the tables and please leave the tables clean!
  12. No food or drinks are allowed in class, except for water.
  13. The last person leaving class, should ensure the AC and lights have been switched off, or inform your teacher so they can ensure that.
  14. Everyone is responsible for keeping avoidable noise to a minimum in the rooms and on the property.
  15. Any defects in the rooms, on the house or on the property must be reported to the administration immediately.
  16. The house and grounds must be kept in a clean and tidy condition. Rubbish may only be disposed of in the containers provided. Consistent separation of rubbish is to be ensured.
  17. Everyone is obliged to behave in a respectful, non-discriminatory manner.
  18. Private possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  19. The institute's WiFi may only be used for information purposes in connection with the language courses or cultural events.
  20. Everyone shall honour the House Rules. We reserve the right to expel persons from the premises who violate the House Rules.