Bagamoyo Festival

Situated aloof at about 60 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania, Bagamoyo has become a town with allure which attracts both the foreigners and the local Tanzanians as well. But what is the secret for this special attraction?

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Themes and Projects

Dansi Tena
Dansi Tena Tanz Project

Contemporary dance! What is that? Strange movements? Abstract? Unconventional? Weird? You don’t get it? Don’t worry, you will. After meeting the choreographers on social media in a new series of dance films called Dansi tena, they will make you fall in love with the art and become its biggest fan.

Dansi Tena

Time to Dance

Live Streaming
Tunasikika Live Streaming

A new platform created for emerging artists to explore on-line live streaming music presentation.
Every second Sunday in collaboration with the Action Music Academy in Mbezi Beach Dar es Salaam, the Goethe-Institut is working with musicians to bring music to a broader online audience in Tanzania and beyond its boarder.
Tunasikika content presentation is short and compact to challenge the artists to bring out the very best they can offer to an critical audience of the Internet and social media.


Goethe-Institut Tanzania

Women in Film
Tanzanian women filmmakers moving on

NO doubt, films are part of The Art world, being a creative way of representing it. Although Tanzania doesn’t have an established industry, as Hollywood, Bollywood or even Nollywood; it’s still part of this world. Though at an earlier stage of development than these giants, it does exist. All-be-it, mainly an arena where practitioners are predominantly self-employed.

Esther Mndeme

© Ochu Kiota

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