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Pazifik - Leipzig
Jevon Chandra

Born 1991 in Singapore
Artist, sound designer, and cultural worker.

Jevon Chandra Portrait© Jevon Chandra

Drawing inspiration from therapeutic and peer counselling approaches, his art practice estimates the (mis)translations that occur between thought, theory, and praxis, as sometimes seen in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. As a cultural worker, his time is divided between leading community-oriented activities, crafting outreach programs, and designing booklets for art-going audiences. Part of socially-engaged arts collective Brack, his preoccupations also unfold in the form workshops and public interventions, seeking to outline an ethics of congregation, polytemporality, and other-centredness. In Leipzig, Jevon Chandra wants to concentrate on his project “Be Still, My Soul”, which deals with faith, crisis and meaning and refers to the German hymn “Silence, my will, your Jesus helps win”, which for Jevon is of personal importance. The exploration of the German church music tradition and the special role of the church in the GDR are of special interest in this project, as are Jevon’s fundamental questions: What forms belief? What do we worship? How do we practice faith, religious or otherwise – indeed, what is praxis?

  • Split Flap Hands © Jevon Chandra
  • Measuring the Earth © Jevon Chandra
  • What Comes After © Jevon Chandra