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HAN SFF 2021 STEM Wettbewerb© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Creative STEM Contest with the Science Film Festival
Film it forward

“Better understanding for better health”

This year’s topic of the Science Film Festival

Learning by Doing with the International Science Film Festival.

During the pandemic everybody’s interest in health issues, in physical health, mental healthy, healthy eating and healthy working has increased. The topic of the Science Film Festival takes this into account and offers positive examples and occasion to discover new things and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

STEM education is the global trend in learning natural science subjects. It is the trend in Vietnam’s schools. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to questions about nature and life, associated with learning by doing. Through STEM everybody, pupils, students, teachers, parents can enjoy learning through discovery. Practical solution to practical questions help to solve problems we are facing.

The Science Film Festival offers films and learning kits to recreate the experience from the films with simple means for the purpose of a personal learning experience.

Students can perceive the real context, love and explore science and technology with many different methods. Science films provided are easily to understand and is an interesting and refreshing approach that parents and schools can use to share with their children and integrate in their lessons.

The journey of more than 10 years bringing the Science Film Festival to children and young people, it is time for us to recognize the results and spread the scientific and STEM innovations from the beneficiaries who are children and young people across Vietnam.

FILM IT FORWARD is a contest built with that spirit in mind. We call for the participation of schools, teachers, and students across Vietnam, creating products inspired by the suggested film packages and experimental activities. Or more than that, we look forward to receiving scientific product ideas related to this year's context. There are no borders when exploring and experimenting in science!


Students at all levels, under the companionship and guidance of teachers as well as public and private school units nationwide.


  • Step 1: Register to receive a free monthly movie package for students and schools.
  • Step 2: Watch the movies coming with each film packages by topic and carefully refer to documents, experimental videos, and the instructions.
  • Step 3: Repeat one or more guided activities and draw lessons. From there develop into other creative products.
  • Step 4: Record the entire implementation process, promoting the spirit of creativity, and find other ways to explain the scientific issues drawn.
  • Step 5: Send products to BTC every Friday by email sciencefilmfestival2021@gmail.com


  • Format: Video
  • Duration: Time length under 4 minutes
  • Content: The video clearly shows the content you want to convey on the educational and scientific topic. The video is taken with real, clear images of the individual/group's. Videos that show contents which has already been published of others will be disqualified.
  • Standard video format: Mp4, resolution at least 720p. It is recommended to ensure the light quality of the video and the clear sound quality, minimizing the noise.

HOW POINTS are calculated:

The score will be decided by the Audience and the Jury of the program:
  • 70 % of points will be calculated based on interactions on Facebook Page Science Film Festival Vietnam and Discord SFF Community.
  • 30% of the remaining points are calculated through the assessment of the Expert Council/advisor.


  • The weekly prizes for each individual of the group that submits the contest entry which includes 1 activity video: Raincoat/backpack/ Helmet/ Cloth bag, etc.
  • Monthly prizes for groups that submit 3 or more activity videos: STEM Kit used in teaching and STEM activities at the unit.