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Chantal Montellier & David Zane Mairowitz
The Trial

The Trial
Photo (cut) Der Process nach Franz Kafka © Knesebeck

Der Process nach Franz Kafka © Knesebeck Verlag „Somebody must have made a false accusation against Joseph K., for he was arrested one morning without having done anything wrong." This is how Kafka’s famous Novel begins. On his 30th birthday, Joseph K. is arrested. He suddenly finds himself in the clutches of a judicial machinery. One day, these two guards stand in his room and announce his arrest. They cannot not say what he has done wrong and when he would be tried.
If the novel were not dark enough, Montellier's woodcut-like illustrations create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a bad dream. The pace is fast and after finishing the reading you feel like after a hectic random walk, a short delusional episode, almost like in delirium. Kafka's linguistic style has found its graphic equivalent here. Kafka's work has been successfully adapted as a graphic novel.
Chantal Montellier (* 1947, France) is a writer and comic artist. She studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in St. Etienne and worked as an art teacher.
David Zane Mairowitz (* 1943, New York) studied English literature, philosophy and theater. He wrote plays and short stories. Since 1966 he has lived in Europe.

About the Novel
Publishing year 2013
Publishing house Knesebeck
Pages 127
ISBN 9783868736168 
Signature 741.5 Mon
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