Crossing Borders

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Research funding in Germany, now also for applicants (m/f) from India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

The „Crossing Borders“ program of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin funds international research stays of authors, filmmakers and photographers. Applicants from India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam can now apply for research grants. We are looking for creative people working on relevant themes with a concrete publication proposal and a willingness to engage differentially with the German culture. The aim of the program is to support creative projects, which break existing stereotypes and open a broad perspective on the diversity and multifaceted character of Germany to a larger public. Research grants can be applied for literary and essay prose works, poetry, photo-textbooks, children and young adult literature, scripts for documentary and feature films, radio programs and multimedia productions. Within the framework of Crossing Borders program applications are welcome from China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

The amount of grant will depend on the duration of research and can be up to 9300€. The detailed calculation can be done easily with help of the online application form.
The application deadline is 01.9. – 31.10.2018.
We would be grateful, if you could pass on this information to all potential applicants through your newsletter or send across your mailing list.
Detailed Information and the link to the online application portal can be looked up on:

Program details

An Independent jury will select projects for the grant out of the incoming applications. The results will be probably declared respectively either by mid-July or end of January.

The grant expects a high degree of self-responsibility. We cannot offer an extensive supervision, but would gladly assist in research relevant places/ Institutions and provide contacts in Germany as far as possible.
In addition to the publication of the Crossing Borders projects, grants can also be applied for the presentation of these works at public events. Applications are to be sent to the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin in this regard.


Authors, Filmmakers and Photographers working on literary and essay prose works, poetry, photo-textbooks, children and young adult literature, script for documentary and feature films, radio programs and multimedia productions.
There is no age-limit for the applicants.
This is principally possible. Although one project leader (m/f) should be named, who will be the contact person for the Robert Bosch Foundation and responsible for the project. In such cases only one application form needs to be filled. Resume and details of the other participants should be attached along with the application. The grant for the research can be applied by only one person.
After every rejection one can always apply anew.
Applicants, who have already received a Crossing Borders grant, can gladly apply again, after the research for the first project has been completed i.e. the research report and the financial billing for the used grant has been successfully carried out; first time applicants would however be preferred.
The grant is bound with a publication proposal, which should be published and spread either in form of a book, film, radio program or a multimedia production. The publication should reach a large public.
The Exposé should be as long as necessary and as short as possible. A length of three to ten pages is generally sufficient.
The exposé should give information about the content, style and target group of the project in a concise form. It should explicate how the project is suitable for a grant of the Crossing Borders program.
Grant can be applied for:
  • Grant for the travel costs, for the trip to Germany, further travelling within Germany and for the return trip, to the extent of maximum 2400€.
  • Grant for lodging and extra expenditures on food for a maximum of 31 days, which will be calculated as a lump sum daily allowance.
  • Grant for the research, for the preparation, carrying out and post-processing of the research trip to the extent of 1200€ per month, for a total of 3 months.
Details about third party funds and proof of one’s own resources have a positive effect on the evaluation process of the application. Under one´s own resources, one should give costs of practical requirements, which one would incur but cover through one´s own financial means, technical equipment, rooms, office resources among others.

Third party funds come from further institutions, besides the applicant and Robert Bosch Foundation. The acquisition of further monetary support is welcome. If the part of fund by third party institutions or one´s own resources is not decided at the time of application, such efforts should however be mentioned in the application.