Calm Realities

Calm Realities by Nhung Nguyen & Christian Grothe
© Manzi

A Soundwalk by Nhung Nguyễn & Christian Grothe
Ba Đình Square

Ba Đình Square is one of Hanoi’s rare green public spaces. Although the square is a tourist attraction located in the city centre, it is not as noisy as other public sites or parks in the capital.
“Calm Realities” reflects the artists’ approach to connect human emotions and imagination to tranquil sonic realities. By combining 3D audio effects with relaxing ambient tones, this work creates parallel, contrastable sonic realities to the constantly busy, noisy urban environment in Hanoi. “Calm Realities” provides an immersive yet delicate sonic experience to relax and escape one’s worries, stress and anxiety. This soundwalk encourages the audience to find their own calm sonic reality by walking, listening and interacting with the physical landscape and the sonic space created by binaural recording from the app.
“Calm Realities” is activated once you step in and walk around the colourful zones on the map. Please put on your headphones and enjoy the calm sounds coming from all directions around you! This soundwalk is about connecting the immersive soundscape inside your headphones with the green surrounding of Ba Đình Square’s physical atmosphere. Feel free to create your own route to explore the colourful zones and stay there as long as you want.

Nhung Nguyễn

Nhung Nguyễn has been creating sonic waves in Hanoi’s underground music scene for the last couple of years. In addition to her solo projects, she has teamed up with artists working across various media and from around the world to add audio elements to visual experiences. Since 2014, Nhung has been releasing music under the project Sound Awakener and eventually under her real name. She has worked with labels such as Time Released Sound [US], Unknown Tones Records [US] Soft [FR], Flaming Pines [UK], Fluid Radio [UK] and Syrphe [Germany].

Christian Grothe

Christian Grothe is a musician and music producer based in Berlin. He is producing and performing music under the alias Kryshe and collaborates with many artists, such as the trio Unland. His work combines trumpet, guitar and his voice with live electronics to create sound pieces for exploration and deep listening. Every piece is based on the use of improvisation and experimentation, to produce a variety of moods from soft and dreamy to dark and distorted.