Eco film project

HAN 15.10.2021 ECO Film © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Philip Gassmann © private

Philip Gassmann

Philip Gassmann graduated from Université Paris VIII with the majors in Directing, Lighting and Scenography. He has more than more than 25 years of experience as a Director and Producer for Television, Film and Events - extensive professional experience in Germany, France and the United States. From 2013-2018, he worked as a Creative director of the first "Green Studio" in the world. Since 2013, his focus has been on Green Film production, Green Film technology, Green Psychology & Communication on every aspect of a production: energy, lighting, transportation, set design, set construction, catering, building, office, carbon footprint, green production planning as well as green storytelling and development. In 2020 the European Union commission him to do a study on “Greening the Audiovisual Industry in Europe”.
Florian Guthknecht © private

Florian Guthknecht

Florian Guthknecht (* 1969, Fürstenfeldbruck) is a German documentary filmmaker who has received over 50 national and international awards. After studying German and history, he turned to historical topics and, since 2003, exclusively to life in water. His films about the Mediterranean, the Azores, the Caribbean, about the death of corals and the Chinese river dolphin became well-known: the Baiji was the first mammal to become extinct not because of hunting, but because of the destruction of its habitat. Guthknecht teaches film at the University of Augsburg and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. For his years of journalistic commitment he was awarded the Bavarian State Medal for special services to the environment.