Online Interview series
Living and working in Germany

You are studying German and planning to live and work in Germany? In addition to learning the language, it is important to be well prepared for professional and everyday life, as well.
To give Vietnamese immigrants a realistic idea of Germany and better prepare them for their future, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi has conducted a series of online interviews. Four young Vietnamese women and men talk about their experiences in professional and everyday life. What was difficult for them at the beginning, such as language barriers, culture shock, or homesickness? How did they get used to the new culture and overcome initial problems? Their stories give you a better idea about life in Germany and provide valuable insights into family, work, leisure activities, German food culture, and much more.
In order to offer more information about vocational training in Germany, the Goethe-Institute Hanoi is conducting a series of interviews with young Vietnamese trainees. They will tell us about their training, their experiences as well as their way to Germany. Through their testimonies, you will learn about the available professions and get a detailed overview of the German working world and labor market.


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