Dates and Enrollment

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Examination regulations in Hanoi

You can register for the exams either in person at our Goethe-Institut course office or online.

Enrolment at our course office

If you come in person to our course office to enquire about our examinations, you can enroll directly after consultation.
To do so, please bring a valid passport.
You register to take an exam on opening hours and pay the fee by cash at Goethe–Institut Hanoi.
Fees must be paid in Vietnam Dong (VND).
The deadline for the registration is 5 working days before the beginning of the exam, which you take.  Registration can be closed earlier, in case the maximum number of candidates is reached.

Online registration

Online registration is possible at

The fee for the exam has to be transferred to the account of the Goethe – Institute Hanoi:
Account number: 170614851008982
Bank: Eximbank Long Bien, 91B Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

All bank fees charged for the transfer are to be paid by the customer.
In case of online registration the deadline for the registration is 8 working days prior to the exam you take.  Registration may be closed earlier, in case the maximum number of candidates is reached.

The fee for the exam must be transferred within 48 hours, after the confirmation email has been sent by Goethe – Institute Hanoi. The registration code is valid only in the 48 hours period.

Within 1-2 working days after your transfer you will receive the final confirmation by e-mail.

Please always make complete payment in advance of the examination date. Please respect payment deadlines of each exam date. Fee exam bases on contemporary price, which is given on information media of Goethe–Institut such as flyer, official website of Goethe-Institut Hanoi
After your enrolment has been finalized no cancellation from your side is possible and no fees will be refunded.

Examination candidates are entitled to change the date of their exam provided, this is done 18 working days before the date of the examination at latest. Any change of date has to be done in person in our course office. The candidate has to bring his or her passport and additionally the receipt proofing the exam fee has been paid.
For date change a fee of 20% shall be charged.

Come on time!

Please arrive at the examination room on time.

Please note: If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to take part in the exam and no payments will be refunded.

Proof of identity

On the day of the exam you are required to show proof of identity. Please bring your passport, a pass copy and a current pass photo, size 4x6cm.

Non-permitted materials

  • Using of subject specific documents (e.g. dictionaries, grammar books, prepared outlines etc.) and technical resources such as mobile/ smart phone, tablets or similar devices, which have the capacity to save or retrieve information is not permitted.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off and handed over to the proctor. They will be returned once the examination is completed.
  • All exam materials will be collected by the proctor after the examination. No notes or other materials may be brought into or taken out of the examination room. Please note that the conduct of the exam will be very strictly supervised.

Answer sheet

  • On top of the answer sheets the candidate must fill the required information such as name, date of birth, and candidate number. Please do it before starting the exam! Without these data the result cannot be evaluated.
  • Your answers must be transferred to the answer sheet provided. Only answers properly transferred will be evaluated.
  • All answers on the answer sheet have to be written using a blue or black only ballpoint pen, fountain pen, felt-tip pen or gel pen. Text-marker, colored pens and correction pens are allowed only for exercise sheet. In case pens are provided candidates are obliged to use the provided pen only.

In the exam room

  • Candidates are not allowed to communicate with one another in any way during the examination. Questions are not answered.
  • After the examination has begun the restrooms only in exceptional and rare cases are open to the candidate. The candidate will be accompanied by the proctor.
  • Candidates disturbing the smooth conduct of the examination or using non-permitted material, candidates copying answers or interacting in any way with other candidates, candidates not following the instruction of the proctor shall be removed from the examination room and will be deemed to have failed the exam.


In the event that an exam participant shall perpetrate -or shall attempt to perpetrate -identity fraud in relation to the exam, that participant and all individuals complicit in the identity fraud shall be excluded from the exam.

Should exclusion occur the Goethe-Institut shall, after duly considering all circumstances of the specific case, impose a ban on the individuals complicit in the identity fraud, prohibiting them from taking any of the exams offered by the Goethe-Institut for a period of one year.

Exam results

Examination results are generally announced at the website of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi (see: EXAM RESULT) no later than five working days after finishing the examinations A1 and A2 and ten working days after finishing the examinations on the B1, B2 and C1 levels.

Please note: The Goethe-Institut does not impart any result related information by phone or email.


In case an examination participant cannot come along to pick up his or her certificate in person and thus he/ she authorizes a third party to do so, the Goethe- Institut Hanoi requires a formal authorization letter signed by the examination participant, the valid passport / identity card of the authorized person​, a copy of the valid passport/ identity card of the authorized person and - additionally - the passport of the examination participant with signature. (A passport copy shall be accepted.) If the signature on the passport and the signature on the authorization letter are not identical, we cannot issue the certificate to the recipient
If your certificate has gone lost or is damaged Goethe-Institut Hanoi shall provide you with a replacement. A fee will be charged for this service.

Confirmation of exam participation

If you do not pass the exam, we may issue you a confirmation that you have participated in the exam.


Language exam office in Hanoi
Tel.: +84 24 32004494