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Venus in Hanoi

Choreographer: Felix Ruckert
Stage and light: Isabelle Fuchs
Music: Kim Ngoc
Vietnamese National Opera and Ballet (VNOB)

Venus in Hanoi or The Art of Getting Lost was created during a 5-week work stay by the choreographer Felix Ruckert in Hanoi. It was another German-French initiative. The show took place as a cultural accompanying program to the ASEM Summit and the city anniversary of Hanoi.

  • HAN Tanz Venus in Hanoi 2004 1 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi
  • HAN Tanz Venus in Hanoi 2004 2 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi
  • HAN Tanz Venus in Hanoi 2004 3 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi
  • HAN Tanz Venus in Hanoi 2004 4 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi
  • HAN Tanz Venus in Hanoi 2004 5 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi
Ruckert chooses the number 5 as the fundamental compositional element for the choreographic work. He generates a very specific configuration of space, time, sound, light, and movement. The pentagram is an ancient symbol for the planet Venus and the Roman goddess of femininity and beauty. Another source of inspiration for Venus in Hanoi is the city of Hanoi itself, whose hustle and bustle correspond to Ruckert's choreographic intention for this production: a bustling beehive. The production displays a clear determination and direction in the dance movements; they question the rules of aesthetics and beauty on the edge of order and chaos.
This performance goes through phases in which the artistic work is hampered and bows to the demands of censorship. Felix Ruckert's working method is best summed up in his own words. „I am very much interested in group processes, in creative situations where the dancers collaborate and at the same time find their individuality. This is a challenge not only for artistic work but for every society and if you want, you can also take it politically.” (from the diary of Maren Witte)

One of the discoveries of this production was the great talent of Tran Ly Ly; "She was a really talented contemporary dancer with an emotional body language. After this collaboration work, the Goethe-Institut agreed to support her debut choreography “One Day”. The dance piece was interesting with dance movements, voices, and video accompaniment. The way she brings social issues into her work flows naturally and is so beautiful and harmonized. A marvelous piece. The dancers in this piece were also the best from VNOB at that time.” (Goethe-Institut interior report)

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