Book launching and symposium Why doesn't my child want to go to school?

Our children, those, if they start their schooling today, will retire in 2070. Yet we burden them with knowledge that they will barely need in their life.

In his new book, Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott, the philosopher discusses about education. Addressing the education system of Germany, one of the leading developed country in the world, Precht was still able to find severe operational flaws. In a fast-changing world such as ours, Precht proposes that the school must face a complete changeover, teachers must be trained differently, students need an education in schools different from ones hitherto. In short, Germany needs an actual revolution so that education and training could become more effective and fairer to a population of all classes.

Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott attends to German education yet somehow also reflects the predicament of Vietnamese schools. From Prect's philosophical point of view, those issues can be resolved. Nonetheless, not everyone in Germany shares his opinion; his book remains a controversial one.

On the occasion of the book launch, educators will discuss the book and its possible relevance in the case of Vietnam. The book was translated into Vietnamese by Vo Kim Nga.