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Submit a Commoning Format

Would you like to share a commoning format of your own?
We would be pleased to publish your experience on our website.

About your format:

Please provide a brief summary of your format (max. 400 characters).

Here you can describe your format in greater detail.

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Please upload at least one image that we could use to illustrate your format. Please include the copyright details in the file name (ideally a Creative Commons licence).

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Do you have more images that we could publish? Please remember to put the copyright details in the file name.

Do you also have video footage about your project? We can embed from YouTube and Vimeo.

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Relevance to commoning guidance:

What can we learn from your format?
The following questions focus on the commoning aspects of your format. For each question please choose one of the responses and give a brief explanation.

Collective process:
How is the process organised?

  • Commoning formats are inclusive, cooperative and open to all
  • Decision-making processes are horizontal, self-organised and consensus-led

Sustainable use and fair access:
How can we ensure fair and sustainable access to the resource/service/process?

  • Unlimited resources (e.g. code, ideas) are open to all (open access, open source, creative commons).
  • Rules for finite resources (e.g. water, fisheries) are defined in a collective process.

Sustainable use and fair access:
How do we ensure benefit for the common good?

  • Prioritisation of need over profit.
  • Replacement of private profit-seeking with public-spirited creation/management of common good.
  • Cooperation is more important than individual utility maximisation.



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