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Understanding Commons© David Jacob I CC BY 4.0

The Practice of the Commons

What are the commons? What is commoning? And how can the Goethe-Institut contribute to supporting the movement of the commons?

The project “The Practice of the Commons” is developing practical guidance for creating and implementing commoning formats. 

In so doing, the Goethe-Institut discusses its efforts to design open and inclusive projects, shift existing processes to commoning, take democratic and collaborative decisions, and make the results available under Creative Commons licenses.  


   Commons: Instution of the future © Gesellschaft in gemeinsamer Verantwortung

Goethe-Institut Belgrade. "GgV / Gesellschaft in gemeinsamer Verantwortung. Commoning through Art"

What does the concept commons mean in art? The project with the provocative title "GgV / Gesellschaft in gemeinsamer Verantwortung" is planned for five years. In the first phase of the project we deal with the institution of the future. (German and Serbian version for reading)





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