Ecologues moved

New magazine - Zeitgeister

Dear readers,

the Ecologues magazine was established about a year ago, in October 2020, with the goal of publishing diverse debates, opinions and perspectives on sustainability and related topics like mobility, activism, pollution, economy and many more. Above all, we wanted constructive contributions: We don't just complain about the status quo, we ask with numerous experts how we can really solve our problems, presenting exciting initiatives and approaches. We don't just talk about the regions most affected by climate change, but let local authors talk about it themselves - to promote real climate justice.  

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks – to the authors and experts for their contributions and insights into their work, as well as to you, our readers, for your support and interest in the content we have published! Despite the shot time of publication, we have been very well received, and we are delighted with the positive response to Ecologues.

On 1 December 2021, we will launch our new magazine: Zeitgeister. It combines our three thematic magazines Ecologues, Latitude and One Zero Society and, with the sections on feminism and current affairs, also offers further thematic areas that are dedicated to important global issues, also in relation to climate change. We are particularly concerned with the interdisciplinary coverage of issues. In the Zeitgeister section on sustainability, many exciting Ecologues articles will find a new home, also new contributions are already being prepared. 

We hope that our new magazine, Zeitgeister, will receive as much positive feedback as Ecologues.

Kind regards

The online editorial team at Goethe-Institut e. V.