I Grew an Alien Inside of Me

I Grew an Alien Inside of Me © Rima Najdi
20. May
In this multi-media performance, Rima Najdi explores birth and revolution in tandem. Drawing from the remembered, felt experiences of mothers in labour and protesters in the street, I Grew an Alien Inside of Me asks how the body is able to subvert, circumscribe, and repurpose meanings of the event. Digitized loops play with rhythm, repetition, breath, and expectation and invite audiences to engage and interact with testimonies of giving birth and participating in protest. Far from following a linear logic or a singular ontology, the cyclical, chaotic experiences of labour and of finding and losing comrades in the street point to a different kind of clarity and vision that cannot be reduced to outcomes. The resulting choreography invites reflections on the most powerful of human experiences – those of giving birth and participating in revolution.

Co-produced by Akademie der Künste - INITIAL Program (Berlin), L’Art Rue (Tunis), research & production stipend, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (Berlin), Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Fonds Darstellende Künste - #takecare (Berlin), Goethe-Institut, Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna).

Co-production with the Tashweesh Festival, in cooperation with the Sophiensæle. 

Tickets for the performance "I Grew an Alien Inside of Me" by Rima Najdi at the Sophiensaele need to be purchased via the ticketshop of Sophiensæle.

Created by Rima Najdi
Music: Kathy Alberici
Visuals: Ana Nieves Moya
Light designer: Carola Caggiano
Dramaturge: Rayya ElZein
Costume designer: Hagar Ophir
Graphic designer: Maria Kassab
Production: Racha Najdi / Björk Margarit Roi
Outside eye: Yalda Younes
Curated by Tania ElKhoury and Bochra Triki


Rima Najdi © Rima Najdi
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    Sophiensæle: Festsaal
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    English & Arabic
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