Sharing Feminisms | 19-21 May 2022


From 19 to 21 May 2022, the Goethe-Institut was staging the interdisciplinary festival “Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms”. Over three days, the festival opened up resonant spaces for feminist debates and movements – multiperspectival, intersectional and diverse – at the Pfefferberg area and the Sophiensæle in Berlin.

The term “frequencies” represents the polyphony of feminisms. It encompasses the range of corresponding topics and concerns as well as the different feminist movements and waves. Discursive and artistic contributions by activists, authors, artists, media professionals, performers and academics from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America made this rich diversity tangible.
The key visual of the festival " Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms". Diverse fonts and bright colors visualize the concept of frequencies. © Goethe-Institut

Topics, Speakers and Formats The Programme

2021 International women's day graffiti Photo (Detail): © ZUMAPRESS.com / Jordi Boixareu

International Projects Feminisms worldwide

Media Library © Victoria Tomaschko / Goethe-Institut

Selected Contributions of the Festival Media Library


Impressions of the festival

  • Festival area Pfefferberg-Gelände © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Generalsekretär des Goethe-Instituts spricht bei der Eröffnungsveranstaltung. © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Die vier Panelistinnen der Eröffnungsveranstaltung diskutieren auf der Bühne. © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Die Performerin Sabika Abbas trägt Protestgedichte vor. © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Eröffnungsveranstaltung Her Flowering. Protestsongs © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Diskussion Movements  and Moments - Comics über indigene Feminismen © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Lesung Selbstbestimmt. Für reproduktive Rechte im Freien © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Workshop No Justice No Peace © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Installation Migrantas © Victoria Tomaschko
  • Diskussion Imagining Futures © Dorothea Tuch
  • Diskussion Feminizide und Gewalt gegen Frauen © Dorothea Tuch
  • Installation Modes of Operation © Dorothea Tuch
  • Performance I Grew an Alien Inside of Me © Dorothea Tuch
  • Performance Unfamiliar © Dorothea Tuch

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