Imagining Futures: What If?

Rethinking Europe’s independent festival landscape

Image Imagining Futures © Imagining Futures
20. May
A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Imagining Futures brought together twelve innovative performing arts festivals for a pan-European experiment – a future-focused and predominantly female peer network that offered participating festival directors and artists a deep listening space and a moment to be together, think together, and dream of different futures.
Care, well-being and sustainability became prominent topics across the series of digital and in-person residencies. 

Together, the participants considered how to share power, how to leave behind the inherited structures and ideologies that so many cultural institutions adhere to, and above all, how to rip up the rule book and work instead with radical new ideas and provocations that might transform the ‘what is’ into a ‘what if’. 

In this panel discussion, artists Angela Alves and Claire Lefèvre as well as performance festival directors Amy Letman and Anna Mülter will share insights into the conversations that took place. 

You can explore the Imagining Futures themes, ideas and provocations in more depth in the online publication Imagining Futures: What If which is avaible for download below.

No separat registration is required for the event and livestream. All livestreams will be available on the homepage.
  Publication: Imagining Futures: What If? Rethinking Europe’s independent festival landscape (PDF, 2 MB)  



Anna Mülter © Katrin Ribbe
Angela Alves © private
Claire Lefèvre © Claudia Lomoschitz
Amy Letman © Transform
Bochra Triki © Rym Haddad
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