Rupert Parry

Rupert Parry © Rupert Parry Rupert Parry is a musician, technologist, and co-founder of Audio Intelligence Agency, a product lab for exploring how emerging technology will change the future of music. He is also a partner in Heyday Labs, previously worked on sound & AI experiments at Google’s Creative Lab, and is the bassist for dance band Ona Mota.

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is…Project Guideline—brought to my attention recently by a friend who’s working on it—is a great example of the benefits of AI when it’s responding to a direct human need, and built thoughtfully. In this case, allowing people to participate in a sport without hinderance.

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which…I can train to synthesise answers to questions, as I might answer them. I believe this could unlock a deep level of intergenerational connection and understanding in the future.

My worst AI nightmare is…A world in which those companies with access to the most data and most compute come to completely dominate the most significant technological shift of our time.

The future of AI needs…Thoughtfulness. Widespread understanding of AI by our broader community. A proactive government and industry able to anticipate and respond to problems. And a healthy dose of both optimism and pessimism.