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Kreativität im Zeitalter von KI

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Kreativität im Zeitalter von KI

Sind wir bereit? Künstliche Intelligenz wird die Art und Weise verändern, wie wir kommunizieren, Neues erschaffen und die Welt erleben. Künstler*innen, Expert*innen und andere Kreative sind eingeladen, sich auf Kulturtechniken 4.0 an diesem wichtigen Diskurs zu beteiligen.

Recording in Studio
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AI & IP: Who owns music made by a machine?

Remember Napster? A bunch of kids got laughed out of a music boardroom with a scrappy prototype for distributing music on this new thing called the internet. They launched independently, and in five years’ time the music industry’s total revenue had collapsed to a third of its peak. It never recovered. We’re sitting at the precipice of a new important technological shift in music – the emergence of creative Artificial Intelligence – and there’s that same intoxicating smell of opportunity mixed with potential catastrophe looming in the air.
This time, it’s all about intellectual property. And we need to get it right.

Rupert Parry