Cyber Elf

Woman is sitting in front of a computer. © Maurycy Stankiewicz
11 May
The images from the theatre in Mariupol spread around the world: annihilation and destruction as a sign of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people. Theatre as a shelter, bombed and destroyed, despite the clear indications that there were civilians and children inside. The theatre was drawn into the centre of the conflict – both literally and metaphorically.

But what can theatre do to help Ukraine? After the start of the war on 24th February 2022, Polish theatre director Magda Szpecht, who also is a trained journalist, decided to give up her artistic career and join the (cyber) war – as a Cyber Elf. This group of online activists from across the world spend their nights in front of the computer, exposing fake news on news and social media channels – the battlefield of modern conflicts – and combat Russian trolls.

Szpecht’s lecture performance grants the audience with a deep insight into this work while at the same time acting as a journal ofeverday activist struggle. But above all it clarifies/reveals how help is possible in conflicts which usually leave us feeling powerless.

Curated and operated by ÆFEKT, Michał Rogulski
Co-produced by SIRENOS Festival, Nowy Teatr in Warsaw and ÆFEKT

The production Cyber Elf will also be shown at this year's Berlin Theatertreffen in May as part of the 10 Treffen.


Portrait Madga Szpecht © Jan Zawadzki
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    E-Werk Maschinensaal
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