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Here you will find all important information about the Kultursymposium Weimar. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to send us an e-mail:

About the KSWE

The Kultursymposium Weimar is a discursive festival for new networks and ideas. Every two years, the Goethe-Institut invites over five hundred people from all over the world to come together in Weimar to attend the event. Interdisciplinary, diverse and international, the Kultursymposium reflects the richness and complexity of global discourses and proposes new ideas for international cultural exchange. Each edition of this successful festival format has a different theme – for example the focus for 2021 was “Generations”.
The first Kultursymposium Weimar took place in Weimar on 1–3 June 2016 under the title “The Sharing Game – Exchange in culture and society”.
The word “Kultursymposium” captures the interplay between discursive and artistic formats. With a diverse programme of performances, panel discussions, film series, musical contributions, short lectures and interactive discussions, the Kultursymposium is an international festival format that brings together different perspectives, disciplines and voices from the Goethe-Institut network.
The cultural city of Weimar is closely connected to the Goethe-Institut. After all, the namesake of our institution, poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived here for many years until his death. The city brings together cultural diversity and a network of exciting programme partners for the Kultursymposium Weimar. The city is also creating a cultural framework for the festival, ranging from panel discussions in Goethe’s home to lectures at the Bauhaus-University. 

Get involved

The Kultursymposium Weimar is an event for all those who are interested in thinking about global social issues, discussing relevant topics and exchanging ideas with international participants.
The Kultursymposium Weimar will take place in Weimar in 2023. Information about the KSWE 2023 will follow shortly.
Please send any programme-related queries and ideas for the Kultursymposium Weimar to


The event languages of the Kultursymposium are German and English. A large part of the events will be held in English. All pre-recorded contributions are subtitled in German and English. In the livestream, the contributions will also be interpreted so that they can always be made available in German and English.  
The Kultursymposium Weimar thrives on the international voices from all over the world that enrich the discourse. To enable an exchange across (language) borders, a large part of the events will therefore take place in English. 
The event languages of the Kultursymposium are German and English. To switch to the other language version, you can click on the small blue button below our livestream window, or use the language change button in the upper right corner of our website. 

About us

The Kultursymposium Weimar’s small project team organizes the event from the Goethe-Institut’s office in the capital city of Berlin. The team is supported by colleagues from the Goethe-Institut’s head office in Munich and the many ideas and voices from the Goethe-Instituts abroad and our partners in Weimar.