Trust Worldwide

Interdisciplinary and diverse, the Kultursymposium Weimar reflects global discourses in all their diversity. On the occasion of this year's edition, Goethe-Instituts in different regions of the world have again planned their own events and thus shed light on very different facets of the matter of trust.
Map of the Goethe-Instituts worldwide that partnered with KSWE23 © Goethe-Institut
Hands © MUDA

Rio de Janeiro
Social Currencies

Muda has created an economic system with its own social currency. Now the network is organising a series of encounters, all about the issues of trust and care.

Prickly Paper © Prickly Paper

Weave our Festival

The artist group Prickly Paper and further partners will come together at Duke Kunshan University to explore issues of trust and connection through workshops. 

KSWE worldwide Bangalore © Karen D'Mello

Trust me, it's a forward!

In Bangalore, an interactive play explores the role that messaging services like WhatsApp play in the spread of (fake) news and what decides on whether we trust a message.

Do No Harm

Game developers and theatre makers Coney created a game around the theme of trust in medical experts and evidence. Coney's games enable participants to experience self-efficacy.

Trust in difficult times © Alexa Zsigmond

Oslo / Stockholm / Helsinki
Trust in difficult times

The Goethe-Institut in Norway, Sweden, and Finland facilitates Sámi artists, scholars, thinkers, guardians, and practitioners in a discursive exploration of trust. 

Photography by Haitham Alsharif, Poem by Fahed Alkafarna © Haitham Alsharif (photography) / Fahed Alkafarna (poem)


Photographers and poets from countries in North Africa and the Middle East have created joint works on the topic of trust. The exhibition was published in the online magazine RUYA.

KSWE worldwide Nairobi © Michael Dziedzic/unsplash

Tech X Trust

In several upcoming events, the Goethe-Institut Kenya, together with its partners The Elephant and Inuka Kenya, will explore questions of trust in relation to technology.

The Gods are Strange © Goethe-Institut Lagos

The Gods are Strange

The theatre play The Gods are Strange invites its audience to Ancient Africa, exploring the motifs of diversity, inclusion, respect and trust for one another.