(Inter)personal Trust

How it grows within and between us

One person stands on the hands of another. © David Madison
11 May
Trust is a fundamental aspect of all (interpersonal) human relationships. It allows people to rely on each other, to collaborate and to build strong and lasting relationships. And is it not far more relaxed to live a life with a large dose of basic trust?To what extent are our lives influenced by the trust we place in others, but also in ourselves? And how does our desire for freedom, or our fear of dependence and criticism, influence the degree of trust that we allow in our lives? 

Social psychologist, Yu Niiya, has researched on how interpersonal relationships are influenced by an individual’s sense of self-esteem and on amae, a Japanese concept that describes a particularly caring form of interpersonal relationship, but also a feeling lying somewhere between closeness, trust and dependence. In conversation with the philosopher Martin Hartmann and acting coach Sondos Shabayek, she will discuss the connections between courage, risk and vulnerability.

The discussion will be hosted by Katja Kessing.


Portrait: Prof. Martin Hartmann © private
Yu Niiya © private
Shabayek Sondos © Mohamad ElHadidi
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    E-Werk Maschinensaal
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    English with German translation
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