Didi Cheeka

Didi Cheeka


  • Culture of memory, Decolonisation, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Lagos (Nigeria)

Didi Cheeka is a Nigerian filmmaker and critic. He is the editor of Lagos Film Review, co-founder and curator of Lagos Film Society – an alternative cinema center dedicated to the founding of Nigeria’s first arthouse cinema. He is also artistic director of the Decasia festival, which he founded in collaboration with the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin. The Decasia International Film Festival of Rescued Images takes place as a biennial in Lagos and Berlin. Didi Cheeka is currently working on his own artistic projects with the documentary War on Memory: The Forgotten History of Nigeria’s Post-War Cinema and the fictional feature film In Silence & In Tears. Cheeka is currently engaged in digitizing Nigeria’s rediscovered national audiovisual archives. Among other things, he initiated the project Reclaiming History, Unveiling Memory, which aims to rediscover and digitize Nigeria's (post-)colonial audiovisual heritage. Didi Cheeka mostly lives and works in Lagos.

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