The demands for restitution of illegally acquired objects from colonial contexts back to the communities of origin are getting louder. George Gachara suggests there may be other alternatives to the seemingly endless negotiations.

In Focus: Art and social change

What happens when, for the German EU Council Presidency, the Goethe-Institut invites artists and strangers to a table? At Europe’s Kitchen in Scotland, video installations by artist Jeannette Ehlers were the focus of the table discussions.

“It was the first time that Juan Correa integrated ‘dark-skinned’ faces into his work. Often afterwards, we find in his paintings figures which have distinctly African features. This ethnic diversity, which he presents in his works, together with his insistence on mentioning his caste as part of his signature, indicates an intention to see his community represented in art.”

Veka Duncan about the African heritage of Mexico, more in the article “Proof of the unseen”

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