Despite the toll from Brazil’s current political setbacks, several initiatives have been taking place within the Brazilian black art scene, states Alexandre Araujo Bispo.

In focus: Postcolonial art production

“I think we've moved to a space now where there is an understanding that an artwork can have its intrinsic aesthetic value but also have something political and something important to say and respond to contemporary colonial issues.”

Molemo Moiloa on art and advocacy, more in the interview “Art cannot overthrow a government, but…”

The pervasive sense of exile

Composer Neo Muyanga speaks to Marc-André Schmachel about his radioplay: MAKEdbA is a sonic installation performing as a record of this pervasive sense of exile, concomitant with its phantasmagoria of horror – a threat that deep hopeless may soon triumph.

FESTAC ‘77, a mixtape from Africa

FESTAC ‘77 is a mind blowing trip through the African music scene of the late 70s. Ntone Edjabe put together a collage of original sound recordings from the international festival of African Arts and Culture held in Lagos.

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