Latitude moved

New magazine - Zeitgeister

Dear readers,

The Latitude magazine was established in September 2019 with the goal of publishing diverse debates, opinions and perspectives on postcolonial power relations, colonialism and its consequences, and how to overcome them. We have published well over 300 articles from all over the world in five languages, addressing both local and global topics. We have been able to bring together around 500 experts in our index of experts, which has enabled us to promote mutual exchange.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks – to the authors and experts for their contributions and insights into their work, as well as to you for your support and interest in the content we have published! Over the years, we have been very well received, and we are delighted with the positive response to Latitude.

Now it’s time for a new development. On 30.11.2021 Latitude will go offline, because we are starting a new magazine on 01.12.2021: Zeitgeister. But that doesn’t signal an end to our work on postcolonialism. Many exciting Latitude articles will find a new home under the Postcolonialism section in the Zeitgeister magazine, and there are already some new features in the pipeline. We are merging our three themed magazines Latitude, Ecologues and One Zero Society into Zeitgeister and at the same time offering additional subject areas dedicated to major global issues in the Feminism and Current Affairs sections, including interdependences with the theme of decolonisation. In this context, we consider a cross-disciplinary approach to be particularly important.

We hope that our new magazine, Zeitgeister, will receive as much positive feedback as Latitude.

Kind regards
The online editorial team at Goethe-Institut e.V.