Decolonisation has become a thing in the European cultural environment. The only question is how sustainable this development is.

How much cultural appropriation is in your tattoo? Photo (Ausschnitt): © picture alliance/Westend61 Photo (Ausschnitt): © picture alliance/Westend61

When is a tattoo culturally appropriated?

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Video interview The chance of the continent

“Not everything good must necessarily come from the West”: The artist Ndidi Dike on the opportunities offered by the African continent – and why we should deal more closely with production conditions.

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People in developing countries are experts in their own lived experiences, despite the many disruptions brought about by history.

Nanjira Sambuli, more in the article “Equality in the Digital Age”

The Congo Myth River in the belly - between fiction and reality: A performance that unites

Political challenges, monsoon-like rain, lack of infrastructure and a text in three languages: The cast in “River in the Belly” had to show the highest level of commitment. The Congolese journalist Missy Bangala was involved in the exciting theatre production in Kinshasa and wrote this poetic report following its premiere in March 2019.

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