Club Night


Thu, 24.10.2019 10:00 PM


20b, La Fuerza Plaza 1
Don Chino Roces Avenue
1231 Makati City


Language: N/A
Price: Free entry

Frenetic and buzzing particles congregate on the dancefloor forming an amorphous mass, simultaneously dense and evanescent. Awaiting each pulsating beat in a hypnotic state, this dynamic aggregate is unwaveringly in the present yet always on the verge of dissipating. In SWARM, WSK and Nusasonic foreground experimental club music and a sample of its diverse inflections ranging from oneiric techno to retrofuturistic groove, psychedelic noise to ambient industrial, through the works of six different performers overwhelmingly possessed by a synesthetic predilection for fluid imagery, hazy textures, and propulsive hyperkinetic rhythms.

Featuring: Auspicious Family, Bruder, LAFIDKI, Miko Revereza, Mumuy, Y-DRA