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   Ran Cap Duoi © Anh Phi_Boiler Room

Nusasonic HCMC

Running 5-8 October 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, the initiative’s closing event is titled Nusasonic HCMC, and is co-curated by Zach Sch of Saigon-based collective Rắn Cạp Đuôi.

Nusasonic HCMC

Common Tonalities

A series of workshops led by musician and researcher Khyam Allami focus on the subject of tuning and the cultural biases in music technologies, the practical analysis of tuning systems of Southeast Asian music based on published resources and archival recordings, and how to use them in various creative musical processes. 20 participating musicians will create a digital compilation album to close the project.

Nusasonic: Common Tonalities

Nusasonic: Gather, Share, Evolve

The Nusasonic: Gather Share Evolve series aims to intensify capacity building and knowledge sharing among music and sound artists in Southeast Asia via a series of online panel discussions and workshops.

Nusasonic: Gather, Share, Evolve
Collo Awata and Madam Data

Madam Data and Collo Awata awarded Nusasonic x Musicboard Residency

Congratulations to Madam Data and Collo Awata for being awarded a joint online residency! Collaborating in cyberspace between Singapore and Berlin, the two artists will work together over autumn 2021 and present a new work at host organizations Playfreely and CTM Festival in early 2022.

Nusasonic Residencies
 Hacklab Finale © Udo Siegfriedt

2020: Nusasonic at CTM Festival

CTM Festival’s 2020 edition took place 24 January – 2 February 2020 in Berlin. With the theme, Liminal, CTM attempted to reflect on music as a space and catalyst for transformation. The festival proposed multiple entry points into its theme by bringing together challenging, hybrid performances and transformative musical experiences.

Nusasonic at CTM Festival 2020

2019: WSK

Manila’s WSK festival celebrated its 10th edition from 15–27 October 2019, together with Nusasonic. Within the festival, Nusasonic hosted a weeklong MusicMakers Hacklab, as well as talks, concerts, and club nights.

Nusasonic: WSK 2019
NSA 47 © Nusasonic

2019: BlackKajiXtra Nusasonic

BlackKajiXtra: Nusasonic spanned two-days from 20–21 July 2019 in Singapore, with daytime programme of panels and workshop, and night-time concerts. The Singapore special (of monthly concert series BlackKaji) introduced new musicians (Horizon99, Amazon Sun and Pupa) to the Nusasonic journey and deepened the intra-regional dialogues on experimental sound and music cultures.

BlackKajiXtra Nusasonic
Nusasonic CTM Festival 2019 © Nusasonic

2019: Nusasonic at CTM Festival

CTM Festival’s 20th anniversary edition took place 25 January – 3 February 2019 in Berlin. With
the title, Persistence, CTM 2019 examined the aesthetic and societal potentials and pains of
perseverance, and of its opposite: the transient and the provisional, and considers the struggles
that come with balancing continuity and changeability.

Nusasonic at CTM Festival
Nusasonic in Yogya © Nusasonic

2018: Nusasonic in Yogyakarta

The Nusasonic initiative kicked off 2–13 October 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Assembling 43 artists from Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, it began as a multi-day lab where new artist pairings, a hacklab, and a sonic wilderness group play together and create new musical works, ideas, and possibilities. The event culminated in a festival showcase, sharing the results of the lab and featuring performances by other invited artists within a programme of concerts, club nights, guerrilla outdoor events, and daytime programme of talks, panels, and workshops.

Nusasonic in Yogyakarta