mobilegirl© Niclas Hille
Berlin-based Bao-Tran Tran or mobilegirl is an affiliate of STAYCORE, a label launched by Stockholm-based producers Dinamarca and Ghazal and Scandinavia’s darker, outward-looking answer to the marketability of London’s PC Music. mobilegirl shifts tempos and adds triplet bleeps and bloops, metallic crunches, or reggaeton kicks to turn R&B classics into futuristic Afro-Caribbean dance tracks.
She first attracted attention with her remix on Dinamarca’s No Hay Break EP, after which she continued zapping hits by the likes of 90s idols TLC and J-Lo. Her remix of Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise” was included on STAYCORE’s hit Summer Jams 2K15 compilation. Her debut EP Poise, which was released in autumn 2017, was a project to decelerate – a reaction to the music industry’s fast pace and with strong sonic inspiration from roleplaying and adventure video games. Almost contrary to the high energy of her remixes and DJ sets, the 6-track-EP creates a calming atmosphere for one to escape to.
mobilegirl has performed in cities all over Europe, including London, Stockholm and Krakow's new club 89, and at festivals including CTM and Unsound. In 2017 she completed her first Asian tour, with shows in Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
mobilegirl is funded by CTM’s Berlin Current initiative, which aims to support the city’s emerging artists and sound cultures. Funded by MusicBoard Berlin.

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