Riska Farasonalia

Riska Farasonalia©
Semarang-based Riska Farasonalia is a musician, journalist, and member of an inter-local feminist collective called Kolektif Betina. She is part of Samber Nyawa, a collaborative project based on improvisation, where band members as well as the music played can change according to the circumstances and soul of the era. Farasonalia contributed drums to the group’s recording of the album Penangkap Jiwa, released this past February 2018. The group described this recorded session as combining “rock noise with repetitive tribal rhythms and almost spell-like vocalizations.” She also continues to perform with experimental collaborative project HMMM, who regularly collaborate with invited artists from Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Japan or USA.

Farasonalia also creates collage-based artwork that takes on personal themes, the unconscious, psychology, and spirituality. She is inspired by the history of collage as a medium that offers tools for resistance and for radically re-envisioning new paradigms from pre-existing structures. She explores similar themes in her collage workshops. Her artwork has been exhibited within numerous art exhibitions in diverse Indonesian cities including Semarang, Jakarta, Pontianak, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

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