Potro Joyo

Potro Joyo©
Potro (Patrap in Javanese) indicates a behaviour or attitude that is aiming for consciousness. Joyo is a symbol of cultivating superior behaviour in one’s life. To be “Potro Joyo,” you have to always try to understand your identity. This is the spirit that group members Wukir Suryadi (known as part of Senyawa), Ikbal Lubys, and Eko Hadi Wijaya aim to raise in their music, with the hope that their sound can be consumed by the souls who are hungry to listen.

Potro Joyo combine neotribal, experimental, and traditional Javanese musics. The project was developed during the trio’s research in Tumpang, a village in the hills of Mount Semeru, East Java. Their self-titled debut album was released by Tilis Musik in collaboration with the Bandung-based 100.000 label on cassette tapes, and on Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Records on CD in 2017.

Potro Joyo have mainly performed at traditional music and cultural festivals in Indonesian villages. The project currently consists only Wukir Suryadi and Eko Hadi Wijaya.

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