Erick Calilan

Erick Calilan©
Erick Calilan is a sound artist, hardware hacker, and experimental musician whose works mainly focus on the illogical use of consumer-based electronic devices and the reverse-engineering of technology. His practice includes sound, kinetic and interactive installations, sound-based compositions, and field recordings. He also makes circuit-bent synthesizers for his solo electronic noise project, Ugong.

Calilan collaborates with other artists, among them Merv Espina, with whom he formed an experimental electronic duo called Turmeric in 2016. He is currently working on a new musical project called Smalltown Press, which explores the rudimentary improvisational element of live looping techniques with a focus on polyrhythms.

Without any formal background or training in electronic engineering or applied sciences, Calilan developed his practice through independent research and experimentation, with a special interest on how to creatively manipulate analogue devices and study obsolete technologies in relation to sound as an artistic medium. Drawing inspiration from open source culture and open access ideology, he explores and expands his artistic practice by actively participating and initiating collaborations and discussions, especially amongst visual artists, new media art practitioners, builders, hackers, experimental musicians, and sound artists.