Asa Rahmana

Asa RahmanaAsa Rahmana
Asa Rahmana learned to sing as child, through pop music and qira’at (the readings and method of recitation of the Quran). She began her musical journey as a singer-songwriter with an electronic group Belkastrelka (2009-2017), initiated the group Jalan Emas (Garasi Performance Institute, 2014), and was involved in the project Menara Ingatan (Garasi Performance Institute, 2017) as performer, songwriter, and researcher. In 2017, Rahmana visited her passion for children’s song by making a music initiative for children called Tamtamtada. She also recently worked as a producer for a music scoring company initiated with friends.

Beside her musical activities, Rahmana used to be part of XXL lab, an interdisciplinary female collective for art, science, and technology, which won [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant from Ars Electronica in 2015. After her time at XXLab, she put her fascination with bio-art and science to practical use through a natural personal care brand called Kitchen Table Science Club.

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