Translation is incredibly challenging: translating sensitively demands that historical, geographical, political and social contexts be taken into account.
In their article, the literature scholars and editors of the platform “poco.lit.” Lucy Gasser and Anna von Rath look specifically at English and German, and discuss 10 terms related to race that are difficult to translate.

Artificial intelligence and translation

A Goethe-Institut research project has developed a self-learning computer program that does more than just detect fake text submissions. Victoria Engels spoke to scientist and researcher Leo Sylvio Rüdian, who explains how the program supports teachers in their daily work tutoring German online courses.

What are the dangers of machine translation? And what does its future hold? At the “Night of Science”, researchers, professors and translators discussed the topic of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation and Cultural Diversity at the Goethe-Institut Finland.

Artificial intelligence and bias