Nadia Armstrong

​Nadia Armstrong


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • Dublin (Ireland)

Nadia Armstrong (b. 1997) studied art with a concentration in media and critical cultures at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. In this context, she completed a year abroad at the UdK Berlin. She is currently studying art in the contemporary world at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She works primarily in the formats of video, VR and spatial installations.

In her work she explores a range of relations between people and their technologies. How does the incorporation of AI affect our society, especially in terms of control, privacy and politics? How do the everyday applications of technologies, such as spending time in virtual rather than non-virtual spaces, affect individuals?

In the process, Nadia Armstrong works with the same technologies that she addresses in her work. In her residency at the Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture in Tallinn, she will further explore her questions in conversation with other participants: How do technologies influence us and how can we use them positively, socially or individually, free from external interests?

Contributions by ​Nadia Armstrong